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New Patients at Dr. Alex Bello – Blair Upper Cervical Health Care

For the initial visit, patients should set aside 2 hours. If that is a problem, we can spread the initial consultation over two visits. Dr. Bello does a full assessment of your condition. We never want to rush any treatment.

Our intake forms can be completed before the first visit or when the patient comes into our office.

New Patient ConsultationWhen you arrive, Dr. Bello greets you and explains what Upper Cervical Chiropractic (UCC) is. It is important to understand how we differ from standard chiropractic practices. If you’re looking for a quick crack, this is not the practice for you.

Next, he will find out more about your problem to determine whether we can help. Dr. Bello does a mini exam consisting a few quick tests. The leg test is a simple test that checks for imbalances.

Another test involves the use of the Tytron Thermograph. This tool measures the heat generated at the back of your neck. The readings can determine whether your brain stem is compressed.

After the mini-exam, patients make the decision as to whether to proceed with treatment. If they do, they indicate what plan structure they prefer.

Next, Dr. Bello will take them for a Cone Beam Cat Scan (CBCT). The high-tech imaging produces a full color, high definition, 360 image which helps us make an accurate diagnosis.

Follow-up appointments typically run between 5-15 minutes.

We provide specialty treatment at prices comparable to other providers. Cash payments only. We accept major credit cards.

Ready to Book?

You are special and most welcome in our practice! We want to help you get pain-free and healthy again. Start your journey today, contact us for an appointment at (213) 399-7772.

New Patients at Dr. Alex Bello – Blair Upper Cervical Health Care | (213) 399-7772