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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Woman with face painTrigeminal neuralgia is a term used to describe the condition of intense burning or electric shock like nerve pain in the face. Trigeminal neuralgia is primarily an issue of hypersensitivity, which means that an otherwise low-grade stimulus to the face or jaw produces an intense pain response. This means that very minor brushes, touches, or even the feeling of wind on the face can trigger an episode of trigeminal neuralgia. Some patients may show warning signs such as tingling, numbness, or a dull ache a day or two before an attack of excruciating pain. Trigeminal neuralgia occurs in episodes lasting only a few seconds, in several bouts, or for prolonged periods of time. With time the attacks worsen in frequency and intensity earning the reputation as “the suicide disease.” The two most common forms of TN are the classic TN: associated with neurovascular compression of the nerve’s root entry zone; and idiopathic TN: which occurs in the absence of neurovascular compression. Idiopathic is a medical term that means unknown cause.

Blair Chiropractic Technique and Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a problem affecting the 5th Cranial nerve, called the Trigeminal Nerve. The nucleus of this nerve is located in the brainstem, which has various neurologic connections with the upper cervical region. In the absence of a clear diagnosis suggesting an obvious cause in the face around the trigeminal nerve, it would be wise for people suffering from this condition to be evaluated for an Upper Cervical Misalignment. This condition occurs when the head shifts in relation to the top 2 vertebrae in the neck and may cause neurological symptoms, including Trigeminal Neuralgia. Blair Chiropractors are especially trained to evaluate for this condition and correct it if found. Patients with trigeminal neuralgia problems commonly find natural relief under Blair Upper Cervical Care.

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