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What is Vertigo?

Woman holding globeVertigo symptoms generally include a sensation of “the world spinning uncontrollably.” Often times during a vertigo spell people will lay down on the floor to alleviate the feeling of spinning or falling. This sensation is often accompanied by other symptoms including nausea, vomiting, sweating, and anxiety. These spells can last from seconds to minutes, and in extreme cases can cause loss of consciousness or “blackouts.” Depending on when and how vertigo symptoms come on, some people are at risk for falling and sustaining further injury. It is not uncommon for vertigo symptoms to occur in connection with other conditions such as Meniere’s Disease, migraine headaches, concussion, and more. Vertigo can also come from an acute infection in the inner ear, which affects the vestibular system.

What is the vestibular system?

The vestibular system is vital to our well-being because it controls our equilibrium, motion, and spatial orientation. Our vestibular system detects all the movement around us and keeps us balanced and upright so we can perform daily activities. When our vestibular system is malfunctioning, it is difficult for our bodies to determine where we are oriented in space causing dizzy spells, loss of balance, tinnitus, and nausea. The vestibular nerve nucleus can be traced back to the medulla and pons located in the brainstem. The brainstem is the control center of the body, which allows the brain and body to communicate and carry out proper function.

Blair Chiropractic and Vertigo and Dizziness

The human head can weigh between 10-12 pounds, but it is held up by a single vertebra, the atlas, that weighs only 2 ounces. The drastic difference in weight and size creates an inherent instability. When the head is knocked off balance or the neck is concussed, there is a high probability that the highly mobile joints between the head and neck will shift causing irregular muscle tension or spasm. If the atlas or axis fixate in this abnormal position and irritate the nerves it is referred to as an Upper Cervical Vertebral Misalignment. In some cases, the irritation by this condition is such that the aggravated cervical nerves send the incorrect information to the vestibular system, causing it to “panic” and result in vertigo symptoms. Even chronic bad posture staring at the computer can cause this condition.

The cervical region plays a crucial role in balance and equilibrium. Though many doctors categorize vertigo as an inner ear problem, they also recognize that it can be caused by cervical dysfunction. This is especially the case if the person has a history that includes a whiplash injury or head/neck trauma. In these cases, Blair Chiropractic care is a good option because it is gentle, precise, and does not involve any forceful twisting or popping, which is a worry for many people suffering from vertigo. More and more people are looking for natural relief for vertigo, without the use of prescription medications. Blair Chiropractors focus on the correction of the Upper Cervical Misalignment thus normalizing input to the vestibular system so vertigo sufferers can get the natural relief they have been looking for.

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